Just my reaction to this new fact I found out

First off, does this cover mean anything to you?


Well, Spoilers, but here’s the jist of it. In a recent Plotline, Doctor Octopus has taken over Peter Parker’s body, and Peter Parker is now in Doctor Octopus’ body.

This comic right here tells the events of Peter Parker inside Doctor Octopus’ body DYING and Doctor Octopus inside Peter Parker’s body has now become the new Spiderman.

Let that sink in and yell this out with me.




Okay, granted, this is a comic, most likely there will be a storyline in 3 years where they bring Peter Parker back to life, but still… WHUT?!

Published by Huy Minh Le

Huy Minh Le is a Video Game Enthusiast, Movie Lover, Writer, Content Marketeer and regular TvTropes reader! His studies in Game Design, Art, and Writing has led to a very creative, yet analytical mind.

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