The Return of Game Philosophy

I’ve been at home a lot lately (which I think a lot of people can sympathize), and I decided to start writing blog posts again. This came with a big overhaul where I pretty much rebuilt the site from the ground up. I think it looks pretty good now. Game Philosophy also gets 2 additionalContinue reading “The Return of Game Philosophy”

My new Website

Hello everyone, Welcome to my new website. If you want to see my works, you can go to my portfolio where I categorized my work. If you’re more interested in my Game Philosophy blogs, I’ve put a link on the Home Page where you can be redirected to that blog. The blog here will beContinue reading “My new Website”

Just my reaction to this new fact I found out

First off, does this cover mean anything to you? No? Well, Spoilers, but here’s the jist of it. In a recent Plotline, Doctor Octopus has taken over Peter Parker’s body, and Peter Parker is now in Doctor Octopus’ body. This comic right here tells the events of Peter Parker inside Doctor Octopus’ body DYING andContinue reading “Just my reaction to this new fact I found out”

Random stuff

I just decided to use this update to say a few random stuff. First off I’d like to thank Timothy Curran for spellchecking my blog. Probably makes this place look more professional (only slightly). Next I’d like to thank Janneke van Kaam for being the best girlfriend ever. Also for giving me some ideas forContinue reading “Random stuff”

Big Tasty out of stock

Today I visited the McDonalds, and like usual I either order a Big Mac or a Big Tasty. I was pretty hungry so I decided to go with the bigger one, the Big Tasty: And then they told me it was out of stock and replaced with a burger called “American Classic”. My reaction: LetContinue reading “Big Tasty out of stock”